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In Canada, one-year separation is mandatory for all married couples before they apply for divorce. And while the couple could even stay under the same roof after separation, there are many legal complexities involved in the process like child custody, spousal support, asset division and much more.

If you have decided to part ways with your partner, consider getting legal advice from our expert separation lawyers Toronto. With a combined experience of years, we offer the complete suite of legal services for the multi-facet family legal system in Canada.

A Compassionate and Efficient Approach!

At Peel Family Law, our experienced and professional separation lawyers Toronto offers the most robust, efficient and compassionate legal representation to our clients for courtroom trials. We have had the experience to represent clients for all cases of separation and are able to offer emphatic legal advice that helps them make a wise decision regarding separation agreement Toronto. Our separation lawyers Toronto ensure that you stay aware of your rights and leave no stone unturned to pull out the best possible outcome for you.

We offer customer service experience that to ensure our clients are never left at disadvantage and are able to access the best legal representation at all times.

Defending Your Rights!

We offer complete legal support across all aspects of the separation agreement Toronto and make sure your rights are well-defended on issues including:

We recommend you to get a free no obligation initiation consultation from our expert separation lawyers in Toronto, before a separation agreement with your partner, call our experts at:


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