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Spousal Support Lawyer – Don’t take the Toll you don’t need to!

Spousal support can be a complex calculation with many factors involved in the process. Even with an official Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines outlined by the Department of Justice in Canada, these aren’t hard quoted figures but flexible ranges that can be followed for spousal support. There are many important issues that need to be addressed before reaching a spousal support agreement including duration of payments, form of payments, unemployment consideration and re-marriage.

With all the complexities involved in the process, you definitely need professional spousal support lawyer Ontario who can help you with the legal processes and ensure you are able to protect your right.


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Entitlement to Spousal Support

There are a number of factors which the court take into consideration before giving a verdict on spousal support agreement including;

  • The financial status and well-being of individual spouses
  • The time spent in marriage or common-law relationship
  • The defined roles in marriage
  • The financial implications of separation/divorce on each spouse
  • The care for children
  • Any previous agreements or arrangements that are in place between spouses

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