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A cohabitation agreement in Ontario is a special arrangement made between two unmarried people that underlines the rights and obligations of each individual during the cohabiting period. It might not seem as impulsive as some of the other family law agreements/settlements, nonetheless, it’s always wise to settle the rights and obligations between people who cohabit a place beforehand, so as to avoid any future legal disputes, at times when things take a nose dip.


What’s covered in Cohabitation agreement?

There are special cohabitation agreement lawyer in Ontario who can help individuals looking forward to cohabiting draft a mutually consensual agreement that can cover things like property division, support obligations and any other aspects that would like to be included. One big draw in this aspect is about child custody and access. Cohabitation agreement in Ontario can’t hold legal framework about child custody until the separation or divorce. What it can include is child support, education, and moral upbringing.

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At Peel Family Lawyers, we bring in extensive experience and expertise that ensure a solid and mutually agreed cohabitation agreement in Ontario between parties. Our professional cohabitation agreement lawyer with deep understanding and experience know how to determine the interests and goals of individual clients and ensure you’re a transparent agreement between parties.

Our cohabitation agreement lawyer understand that in-comprehensive financial disclosures and unprofessional legal advice are two of the biggest factors that contribute to the void of domestic legal agreements. That’s the reason when you choose our cohabitation agreement lawyer, you can be sure of detailed and transparent communication with the other party to ensure a mutually agreeable contract.

What makes us unique is our humanly approach to complex legal cases that ensure that we are able to connect with our clients at a deeper level of trust. Our expert cohabitation agreement lawyer will meet with you for a one on one detailed session to understand your goals and interests. And once we have the complete picture with us, we will proceed with other party’s lawyer to seal the best cohabitation agreement in Ontario for you.

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