Child Custody Lawyers

When it comes to Child, You Can’t take Chances!

Peel Family Lawyers – Children are precious don’t let bad legal representation take them away from you!

The hardest part of any divorce or separation is about child custody. It gives you the right to care and decide for your child.

At Peel Family Lawyers, we understand your worries and concerns for child custody. Our expert child custody lawyers Ontario offer dependable, trusted and proved services for clients across Ontario, including Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga and Peel.


Each Child is Unique – So is the child Custody case!

While you choose Peel Family Lawyers as your preferred child custody lawyers ontario, our experts help you understand get a clear understanding of difference custody scenarios, so you stay clear of your options and future road map.

Our services for different child custody lawyers cases include:

Split Custody

In such cases, the children custody is handed over to both the parents equally (one gets the custody over few, while the other gets the custody of the rest). Most of the time, judge’s lookout for best possible scenario for children and let elder children decide whom they want to be on their own.  Our expert child custody lawyers will give you a bold representation in the courtroom, while convincing the court to rule in your favor.

Joint Custody

In cases where both parents can mutually decide the children split is referred to as joint custody or joint legal custody. In most cases, the court only decide in favor of joint custody when its convince about the responsibilities and cooperation among parents. At Peel Family Lawyers, our experienced child custody lawyers Ontario will help arbitrate a joint custody agreement with your partner and workout the best partnership for a mutually consent custodianship of children.

Sole Custody

In sole custody scenarios, the entire custody and decision-making control is handed over to single parent. When you partner with Peel Family Lawyers, you can be sure of the strongest and most transparent court representation of your case by child custody lawyers that gives you the ultimate right over child’s custodianship.

Shared Custody

In shared custody, each parent gets the physical custody of children, while children spent at least 40% of their time with each of the parent.

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