Whether you are looking for professional attorney help in divorce, separation or other family law related issues, at Peel Family Lawyers our mission is to help you in each of these emotional and complex situations. We understand that life events like these are hard to pass by and dreadful for many, that’s why at family lawyers Mississauga we remain committed to bringing you the best and more steadfast legal solutions that can navigate you through these pressing life events.

Our commitment to keeping our services as open as possible for clients, mean we won’t be presenting you bills for every question but rather help you understand as much as possible without any delays. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and the legal standing you need to know;

What’s the cost of hiring a family and divorce lawyer?

There is no standard fee but it varies according to the complexities of the case. Most commonly, the fee for a case is calculated on an hourly basis, for that matter the total fee you’ll need to pay will depend on the number of hours we require to defend and resolve your lawsuit. To cut down on costs, law clerks are mostly employed to do all the drafting work; as their hourly rates are low. Also, another way to keep the overall costs down, you should avoid going to court as much as possible, which won’t just help cut down court expenses but also the lawyers’ hourly fees for court material preparation.

What’s the procedure to file a legal separation in Canada?

In Canada, there is no specific need to file a case for legal separation. In general, the couple is considered as separated when they start living “Separately”, which can be like living in different homes or even separate rooms. Now, although there is no legal obligation to file “Separation Lawsuit”, it is always advised to see your family law lawyers or a divorce law lawyer to be able to better understand different issues including custody of children, property division, child access, child support etc. that may arise in future.

What are my chances of accessing the child’s custody?

For Child’s custodianship, Canadian rules are quite expansive and ensure the interest of the child first. Thereby, the custodianship matter for a child varies from case to case. In Ontario’s custodian law, there are three broad categories; joint custody, sole custody, and split custody. In cases where parents are ready to cooperate and coordinate, joint custody can easily be obtained. Over two decades of our experience, we have been part of various variations of such arrangements and certainly can help you out with the right one.

What about the matrimonial house? Do I have the chances to keep it?

In divorce cases, matrimonial homes are one of the largest shared assets between former spouses and the most sought after asset. As a standard rule, both spouses share the right to matrimonial home and neither one has the right to sell it without the consent of the other or without the exclusive orders from the court, which is rare. The matrimonial home can also be valued with other assets during the equalization process. It’s always advised to see your divorce or family lawyer beforehand to be able to get professional advice on critical aspects.

Can you recommend any alternative to trial?

Going to courts should always be the last resort, as its not only costly but can also further complicate the legal dispute. Thereby, wherever possible the parties to the case should try to come up with a mutual agreement. In case, negotiations don’t come successful, there are other alternatives to court including mediation and collaborative family law. At Peel Family Lawyers, we have helped hundreds of clients to settle the dispute out of court either by negotiations, arbitration or collaborative family law, which saved time and cost.

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