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Looking for professional divorce lawyers in Ontario? Peel Family Lawyers offers the most trusted and resourced divorce law services across Peel Region.

Child Custody

The hardest part of any divorce or separation is about child custody. It gives you the right to care and decide for your child.

Child Support

Are you looking to support your child? Are you being asked to pay for the child support? Peel Family Lawyers brings professional child support lawyers services for parents across Peel Region.

Spousal Support

With all the complexities involved in the process, you definitely need professional spousal support lawyers who can help you with the legal processes and ensure you are able to protect your right.


Separation is often the most stressful and confusing aspect for most people, as they try to fight an all-out battle on emotional and legal pitches.

Cohabitation Agreements

A cohabitation agreement is a special arrangement made between two unmarried people that underlines the rights and obligations of each individual during the cohabiting period.

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